TOP Escort Service in Hamburg

We have always known it. It’s official: Hamburg is not only the most beautiful but also the most livable city in Germany. In a recent survey Hamburg received the highest score for sympathy and attraction. In Terms of attractiveness, we can only emphasize that the same is true for our lovely Escort Service Ladys. The Gateway to the world has a special feel-good factor is open.

Even if you have stayed several Times in our beautiful City, we are sure that our beautiful Escort Ladys still have one and two insider tip ready for you. We promise you an extraordinary rendezvous on request incl. a guided tour suited for your taste. May it be Hanseatic classic with a trip into the secret corners of the warehouse district? Inspired by the different smells and spices to this part of the City. A small “attack” on the sense organs which certainly will inspire the desire for an erotic finale with your enchanting Escort.

You might also be in mood for a little adventure? Hamburg is not only party and Nightlife. Let yourself be carried away by your Escort Service Lady in Restaurants, Bars or Museums outside the Mainstream. Even that is Hamburg. Local, crazy and a little bit wicked. Basically, just like the lovely Escort Ladys of our Escort Service Hamburg.

You see, Hamburg has a lot to offer. Xclusive, your Escort Agency Hamburg believes it make more fun for two to discover the benefits of this city and of course your enchanting Escort Lady. Talk to us, we will be happy to assist you in organizing your perfect Escort Service Date and we are looking forward to your contact request.

Join Xclusive Escort for Octoberfest

In a few days the 182nd Oktoberfest starts at the Theresienwiese in Munich. From 19th September to 4th October 2015, the Fairground is transformed back into a large Amusement Mile.

Munich is always worth a visit, in combination with the largest Folk Festival it’s a real High-Light and perfectly accompanied with a charming Lady of Xclusive Escort Hamburg it will be exceptional. Our lovely Hamburger Girls will be pleased to accompany you on the Wiesn and of course dressed in Dirndl.
The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg would like to introduce three of the 14 pavilions which we warmly can recommend and hope you will visit together with our Escort Ladys.


The slogan says it all, Hacker-Pavilion: surrounded by clouds and stars and with a cool bier in hand, it will feels like heaven in Bayern. And together with a charming companion from our Escort Service it will quickly turn into Heaven on Earth.
The picturesque Hacker Pavilion was embellished in 2004 by Oscar-winning Rolf Zehetbauer it received a new interior – a new bandstand and a new Heaven, so that one really feels heavenly in “Heaven of Bavaria”. Beyond picturesque and traditionally, each cozy Bayer and anyone who wants to feel the Atmosphere at Octoberfest.

Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke

No longer a Secret: It is giving that the celebrities from around the world and especially in Munichare coming to Käfer’s Wiesn-Schänke.
No wonder, since Michael Käfer’s Munich Celebrity host has shaped it slightly smaller compared with other pavilions but still a charming Hotspot on the Wiesn. Swaying in the Arms with your special Lady from Escort Service Hamburg and let yourself enjoy the fantastic cuisine.
Quite clear this is the place for Gourmet Lovers. You should not miss out on the tasty Käfer’s duck and venison you should not miss.

Marstall Pavilion

The Marstall Pavilion is hosted by the Able Family and was the big new addition at the Oktoberfest 2014.
Since 1982 the Able Family run a Gastronomy and a numerous of Businesses in Munich they made a Name for themselves with Kalbs Kuchl at the Oktoberfest.
Marstall is referred to the prestigious riding School of the Munich which was created by Leo Klenze in 1822.
The Horse theme is use throughout in the Pavilion as decoration. A Horse-Trailer above the entrance, carved wooden Horses and a Musical Splendor stage that resembles a Carousel.
Certainly worth a visit. Enjoy your charming companion from the Escort Service Hamburg in this very special atmosphere and let yourself drift away …

Our Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is happy to assist in the Organization, as also the selection of the appropriate accompanied for you. Book an Escort Lady and spend hours in a unique accompaniment. We look forward to your contact.

Xclusive Escort Service: Tips in Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg – Enjoy a warm summer evening in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe together with an exciting Escort Lady from Xclusive Escorts Hamburg.

Are you planning a trip to Hamburg end of August, or doing business in our exciting city and want to spend your free time in an exclusive company?

Then you have already taken a major step forward by visiting our website. We are pleased to recommend a few events in and around Hamburg which are worthwhile visiting.

White Dinner in Hamburg

A very elegant and stimulating way to spend a summer evening in Hamburg. On August 29th 2015 you will find the annual “White Dinner” held in the districts of Harburg, Ottensen and Winterhude.

Along with a charming Escort Service Lady from Hamburg you can enjoy a unforgettable evening. A binding reservation with deposit is a must no later than 3 days in advance. The Team of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg will arrange the evening for you, book a table, beautiful accessories and an exclusive picnic basket.

For further information and to book reservations, please contact our team of Xcluisve Escort Service Hamburg. We and our charming Escort Ladys are looking forward to you.

Xclusive Escort Event Tip

Weekend together with Escort Hamburg

Our team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf has made it is mission to arrange special experiences. Both our customers and our exclusive Escort Service Ladys want to spend their spare time in style and sensual. The Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf will assist you and gives the charming gentlemen a wonderful time with one of our sexy Escort Ladys.

Castle night of lust and more

You can enjoy your time with an Escort Lady in various ways. But you can make this very special and exciting by visiting a particular place with erotic and elegant ambience. The Milkersdorf castle, about 1 hour drive from Berlin, has this ambience. Join together with one of our Escort Ladys from Dusseldorf, Escorts from Hamburg or other lovely Ladys of Xclusive Escorts for an intoxicating night.

This event is a colorful mix of entertainment options.
Enjoy yourself with delicious dishes and fine wines. Get to know interesting people while sitting the fire. There is bar atmosphere and of course a sparkling erotic atmosphere. Pleasant background music provides the introduction for a hot night.

Clothed Female Naked Male

Another exciting event you can experience together with one of the charming Ladys of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf is the event “Clothe Naked Male Female”. An erotic and exclusive night provides the “exhibitionist Escort Lady” in the center and the voyeuristic Gentleman an ideal setting for a hot night together. Elegantly dressed men in dark suits and tuxedo stroll through the rooms, surrounded by women whose nudity fills the air erotic. Wearing only a mask dragging mysterious attention to herself and the excitement in the castle is literally felt at every turn.

CMNF stands for “Clothed Male, Female Naked” This special variety is for the gentleman who value the naked female body.
Kindly note that such exclusive and charming events are quickly fully booked. Early booking is advisable for our charming Escort Ladys who will love to join you. For further information please contact our Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf and we are happy to assist arranging your erotic adventure.