About Mila

In Mila you will find a warm and friendly Company with a lot of Charm. Stylish and eloquent, she accompanies you in all Occasions. At the same Time, you will find in this Escort Bremen Lady a fun and persevering Lover, who has a penchant for a dominant Gentleman – on request, but she also likes to take the Lead.

Start your Rendezvous with Mila, for example, with a Concert here in Hamburg. Enjoy your Company and then share your experiences together. A relaxing Massage in pleasant togetherness is certainly only one of the many Options. Experience an Adventure full of passion and eroticism. Mila’s feminine curves speak for themselves, passionate she is ready to devour you with Skin and Hair. When you look into her dreamy eyes, you can clearly feel that she is enjoying each of your touches. Escort Lady Mila tells of herself that Sex is a very big passion of hers. She is very fond of French eroticism in particular. Let yourself fall for Mila and enjoy her tenderness.

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