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Safty First with Escort Hamburg

Once again Xclusive Escort Hamburg wants to Highlight the Topic Nylons. There is hardly any other item of clothing where a Woman can express her sensuality more with real Nylon Stockings. These Stockings give a Woman a special elegance and eroticism. And our charming Escort Hamburg Ladies make no exception.

For the inclined connoisseur it is immediately apparent when a Woman is wearing real Nylons, as these are absolutely not comparable to today’s mass-produced synthetic fibers. In particular the feel of classical Nylons distinguish from the synthetic fibers and many of our Gentlemen request of Ladies to wear real Nylons for the Date just for the desire of this very special characteristic feeling and good looks.

Nylon stockings have always been something special, today we would probably call it a Fetish, earlier you spoke rather of the Magic of seduction and our Escort Hamburg Ladies know particularly well magic of seduction. This was, moreover for the noble ancestors of Nylon stockings, silk stockings, which had existed since the early 1920s.

Nylons decorating the legs of your charming companion enchant the Eyes of all Men. It’s something special to wear Nylon stockings and every one of our charming Escort Hamburg Ladies are acutely aware of associated effect.

How nice it is that the real luxury Nylons and silk Stockings are witnessing a true renaissance in Germany the last several years.

In this Sense, the Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg wishes you a nice weekend. Particularly if you want to sweeten your free time with one of our Ladies from Escort Service Hamburg. As always perfectly dressed in genuine nylons. We look forward to your call.