New Trend Pegging also in Escort Service

Escort Hamburg bietet heiße Erotik

Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg would to introduce Pegging to you. Pegging the English expressions that is defined as a Woman using a strap-on on her Male Partner for anal play. This not a homosexual phenomenon, Heterosexual Men also want this type of sexual experiences. The name came from a poll conducted by Dan Savage a few years ago—a reader wrote in asking for a word to describe this then unnamed sexual practice, and pegging was the winning selection. And it is obviously an extensive and exciting trend, as here at Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg we frequent receive request from Gentlemen if our Escort Service Ladys offer pegging.

What is the Fun for the Man?

Women have G-spots and Men have P-spots—specifically, the area inside the rectum that allows the prostate gland to be stimulated. While not all men enjoy prostate stimulation, the ones that do receive tremendous pleasure from anal stimulation. And, of course, for some Men there’s also the psychological aspect of submitting/being penetrated that gives them pleasure.

What’s Fun about it for the Woman?

Obviously, different Women enjoy strap-on play for different reasons, but some benefits include the feeling of power/domination that comes with being the penetrating Partner, joy at being able to give one’s Partner anal pleasure, a naughty thrill at the role reversal/dirty factor of engaging in anal play. Some Women also experience physical stimulation/pleasure from the act itself—particularly if they’re using a double-ended dildo where both you and your Escort Service Lady are being penetrated.

We, Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg are pleased that prejudices with anal-play for Men are coming to an end. Interested in expanding on the larger psychological/emotional/cultural aspects of a Woman being the penetrator instead of being the penetrated?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg, we will assist you in arranging your Perfect Date with one of our beautiful Escort Ladys.

Pissing – Golden Shower – Watersports

Nakted Escort Hamburg Lady in water

Pee is a phenomenon from the fetish scene and refers to the sexual preference for urine. In the context of BDSM this tendency has many followers. Frequently, the abbreviated used is NS or the English name Golden Shower or watersport.

Fascinated fans is not only found in the BDSM and Fetish scene. The appeal for pee or golden shower in the escort service are established and no longer an isolated case. The escort ladies from Xclusive Escort offer this special service both actively as well as passively.

The preference for pee should never have connections to the BDSM scene, sexual stimulation is purely extracted from the urine. A hotel room with a sufficiently large bathroom is advisable to pursue an undisturbed pleasure without bad conscience. This desire is neither embarrassing nor abnormal or offensive in any way.
Maybe connected with the desire for diapers? You may find the pure use or wear of a diaper in conjunction with pee games arousing.

Goes one step further, the puerility- also called ageplay. This practice has also found its way into the game of love. Men with much power and responsibility at work want to feel the caring and comfort in the role-play of ageplay. This fetish escort is also found by the escort ladys from xclusive escort service

Do not be afraid to share your desires with the team of Xclusive Escort Service. Only then we can offer you comprehensive advice and assist in the selection of the appropriate escort for you.