New in Hamburg: Jamie

Once again, the Team at Xclusive Escort Hamburg has been at our wonderfully and comfortable photo location at the Port of Hamburg. Good mood by the crackling fireplace fire with chilled Prosecco and lightly dressed girls. What more could you ask for. In a wonderfully relaxed Atmosphere, the Pictures of our new, incredibly attractive Escort Service Lady Jamie became perfect. Take a look for yourself at the brand new Profile of our Jamie.

Escortservice Lady Jamie is worth a Sin

In Jamie you will find an elegant accompaniment, she will satisfy all your small and large desires. Jamie is very fond of the diversity of People and will be a pleasant companion and attentive conversation Partner on all Occasions. Looking into her big brown eyes and it will melt your Heart.

The physical advantages of this very sporty Lady are also easy to recognize. Coupled with unrestrained Lust, boundless curiosity and experimentation, you can experience an unforgettable rendezvous with Escort Hamburg Lady Jamie. In Jamies company you can relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy the beautiful sides of life. Enjoy tingling moments and passionate eroticism with a great Woman.

In Jamie you will also find a sexy playmate for your Partner, if you appreciate the advantages of a Menage á Trois.

The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is looking forward working with newcomer Jamie and is pleased to accept your booking requests for this Escort Service Lady. Jamie is professionally flexible and can therefore also take inquiries during the day. Please give her a little pre-run, then a hot Date in the lunch break is no more than a call away. Escorts Hamburg Lady Jamie is looking forward to tingling and interesting Hours with you.

New in Hamburg: Luna

Just before the turn of the New Year we would like to introduce our new charming Escort Lady. Our Team had a lot of fun with the preparation of the Photoshoot of this pretty Lady and we can assure you that this Dreamlady is a very hot Woman. Take a look at the SetCard of our new Escort Hamburg Lady Luna and see for yourself.

New in Hamburg: Luna

Luna, our Brazilian Beauty, exotic beautiful and warm. Luna is a passionate Escort Lady with a velvet soft and dark Skin. Her gorgeous smile will take your Breath away and her ability to completely surrender to a Man is indescribably sexy. Luna has the Sun in her Heart and will know how to win yours with her lightness and her cheerful Charisma. In Luna you will find the ideal company for a Day in the City or a hot Night full of passion.

Luna has a girlish Figure and endless long legs just waiting to wrap around you. On closer exploration you will discover the Cat inside Luna. But do not fear injuries, Luna is tender, cuddly and demanding at the same time. Relax in the company of this great Woman, let yourself be enchanted by her maiden Charm and give yourself to the necessary of passion.

The Team at Xclusive Escort Hamburg is very pleased that the charming Luna has found the way to us. Luna commutes between Hamburg and Berlin, so we can offer you Rendezvous in both Cities without additional travel Costs. Luna is flexible in Terms of Time and is available during daytime as well. We recommend an early request of your desired Date and then a hot date should not be impossible in the Lunchbreak.

Escort Hamburg Lady Luna is looking forward to your contact requests and our Team looks forward to your call.

Xclusive Escort is Welcoming Laila

Once again the Team of Xclusive Escort had a lot of Fun and good mood during the Shooting with our new Escort Service Ladys. Our Photo-Location which is a fantastic Hamburg Penthouse always exerts a very special attraction on all involved – which is also reflected in our Pictures.

A lot of Agencies have decided to abandon cost-intensive Shootings for the sake of simplicity and make their Shootings in Studios. We would like to avoid this, because you eat with your Eyes and of course we are very aware that the visual representation for you is the first point for choosing your perfect Date.
Be inspired and enchanted first by Laila.

New at Xclusive Escort in Hamburg: Escort Lady Laila

Laila is a native of Spain and has chosen Hamburg as a location for her Studies. A real advantage for our beautiful City, an attractive and delicate Person who knows how to enchant you with her mysterious Aura.

Escort Hamburg Lady Laila is an open-minded and very interested young Lady, who will impress you in Hours of togetherness with deep gaze and a stunning smile. Laila likes good conversation, is charming, sexy and is interested in a variety of topics. You will be able to adapt quickly to your Date with a lot of empathy.

Escort Hamburg Lady Laila is a good conservationist and a fire of passion when alone in the Hotel Room. Be seduced by all the rules of art and enjoy an erotic Adventure with a great Woman.

The Team of Xclusive, your Escort Service for Hamburg is looking forward to your call and will gladly accept your contact-wishes for Laila. Laila is also available in the daytime. Are you looking for a hot wake-up call?

Welcome Gabriella

As earlier promised and announced our third new Escort Lady in our Escort Service Hamburg Team: Gabriella. The Team of Xclusive Escorts Hamburg is pleased to welcome our charming and soulful Lady for the Escort Agency Xclusive Hamburg. A real treasure for you Gentlemen.

What can we say about Gabriella?

Gabriella is a fun-loving, spontaneous and open-minded young Woman, whom will impress you with her spiritual depth. Despite her young age she has already seen much of the World and will meet you with a sensitive Peace. You can accompany this Lady to any Occasion and she knows how to act and can guide you in all occasions. Gabriella is eloquent and appreciates good discussions as well as a nice Chandon Cuvée.

Let us invite you to Gabriella’s world of tender Romance and pure passion and discover new Horizons together. Enjoy sensual charm and exciting erotic with this cuddly Escort Hamburg Lady in common Hours full of Affection.

Gabriella is temporally studying thus she is flexible and can also meet you in the afternoon Hours. The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg welcomes Gabriella to the Team.

Xclusive Escort is known for exceptional Escort Ladys for extraordinary Meeting with Gentlemen. We are pleased to book your good Times with Gabriella.

New Escort Lady Maja

As previously announced here the Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is proud to present our second new and extremely lovely Escort Lady Maja who will support us from Hanover. Please be noted that Xclusive Escorts Hamburg still wants to appoint more Ladys from Hannover.

Now to Maja

Escort Hannover Lady Maja is, as you can easily see, a real Looker. Long blond Hair and a breathtaking Figure. At first glance you notice that she invested a lot of Time in Sports Activities.

Maja’s Zodiac is Scorpion. She knows exactly what she want and the Game of seduction is what she Masters and she enjoys playing with Fire. Nevertheless, Maja may seem to hold back at first, but do not be fooled, she uses any opportunity you provide to evaluate you. You will quickly succumb to the harsh Laughter and the Attentive, warm personality of this Lady.

In Maja, you not only find a very open-minded Playmate for certain Hours, you will also find a Woman who is able to respond very sensitive and with empathy to your Desires. You will be enchanted by the charm of this great Escort Hannover Lady and look forward to exciting experiments in common Hours full of passion.