Xclusive Escort: Squirting – something for every woman?

Squirting is the technical term for the female ejaculation. From a medical perspective every woman should be able to squirt. The reality is often different, for it is more than art to trigger this reaction in a woman. On top of that many women feel uncomfortable, because they are afraid of their partner would be embarrassed. This might cause that the woman suppresses her orgasm. This really does not have to be that way.

Xclusive, your Escort Service Hamburg wants to bring the myth Squirting a little closer. Aristotle already described in 300 BC. the emerging of liquid as a liquid discharge that contained no seed. The Greek physician Galen in the second century describes the female Skene’s gland, which is connected with the female effusion.

Since then, speaks of the “Aqualusio” or “Aqlusio”, derived from the Latin words for water and end. A more detailed description was made in 17th century by Dutchman Regnier de Graaf whom described the fluid and also drew attention to a particularly sensitive zone on the female body. The name G-spot we owe to the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who has discovered and described female ejaculation and referred to an erogenous zone in the vagina that he linked with the male prostate.

But is squirting normal or exception? The proportion of women who ejaculate during an orgasm varies from study to study. We assume that the number of unreported cases is not insignificant because many still confuse ejaculate with urine. Proven fact there is only a very small portion of urine and the characteristics of the male prostate secretion of the man very similar.

The ability to squirting should also be substantially dependent on the position during intercourse. In the missionary position sufficient stimulation the G-spot is not possible, but it would be possible in the cowgirl position or a tergo (from behind).

However, you should not try female ejaculation using certain techniques only to want to trigger a ejaculation. Take it as an big present from the Lady. The most important requirement is the relaxation of the woman. Only if she feels good and can completely let go and she ready to indulge you. You have created a wonderful atmosphere.

You might want to discuss this issue with an Escort Companion of your choice? The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is at your advice. Do not be afraid to contact us. We, as well as our lovely Escort Ladys look forward hearing from you.