Lingerie – A touch of nothing

Erotic lingerie is sexy, seductive and sometimes even a little playful. Lingerie are an absolute must, because in them feels every woman attractive and sought after and the Ladys of Xclusive Escort Agency are no exception. And let’s face it, what man would not want to see in a hint of the treats on a sensual dressed woman? Particularly appealing could be a walk together and you can see the garter on the nylons …

Xclusive, your Escort Service Hamburg would not leave you in the dark and tell you about the creation and development of today’s lingerie. The first known bra in history wore the beautiful Greek women, a hand wide band of cloth or leather which should bring the breasts to its best advantage. The Roman women, however, were the first Ladys who wore a first version of today’s slips. For this purpose, a material has been (similar to a cloth diaper) to cover between the Po and Genitalien. Not beautiful, but at that time it certainly did the job. This was followed by the Renaissance, the time for the corset and bodice, only in the ’60s underwear as we know today found its way into women’s clothing, she is now finally able to free from the whalebone corset. In the late 19th century it was only socially acceptable and became the symbol of eroticism.

We assure you that the Escort Ladys of Xclusive Escort Hamburg have a fascinating selection of lingerie. Whether you desire girlish romantic, sensual seductive or even a soft spot for PVC, leather and latex.
With a lady of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg all wishes will come true.

Our team is pleased to advise you and will assist you in choosing the perfect accompaniment for you. We look forward to your contact.