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The phenomenon Facebook

Unfortunately I know all about the phenomenon that is Facebook, it is difficult to stay away from it considering over 500 million people have it, and that includes what is seemingly the entire population of German including many of the sexy escorts Hamburg has to offer, but don’t think about adding them just yet, you will have to take them out at least once to gain that privilege guys. As with most people I resisted the pull for as long as humanly possible but there is always one reason or another to end up getting it. Whether it is to find an old friend, or join a group or create an event, there is always a reason for people to sign up, and once signed up it is difficult to get out of the clutches of Facebook and its many addictive qualities. But what I don’t really understand is this whole Twitter thing, from my understanding of it, you sign up to an account and you then “follow” people which sounds a bit creepy if you ask me. Apparently most people do it so that they can follow their favourite celebrities as many singers, movie starts and footballers habitually ‘Tweet’ letting everyone know where they are and what they are doing.

It seems quite a weird concept to me and I don’t really get why people would waste their time seeing what these celebrities are getting up to when they could quite easily pick up the phone and see what one of our charming Hamburg escorts are doing, not only can you see what they are doing though, you can actually meet up with them instead of just staring at them on a screen, amazing! That is the thing, a lot of guys will sit looking at pictures of their celebrity crushes on the internet, wishing that they could spend just one night with them, but guys, take a look at some of our Hamburg sexy escorts, many of them are easily as attractive as the celeb girls that you have been “following” on Twitter and you can actually go for a drink or spend an evening with them.

Lets play

Do not worry, as far as I am aware most of our girls are not on Twitter so they will not be sitting there all night updating where they are and what they are doing whilst in your company, that is one of the most annoying things that anyone can do! Even if you are someone that is already addicted to Twitter, spending an evening with a gorgeous escort in Hamnurg is sure to take your mind off of it, so pick up the phone and give our Team from Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg a call. I am sure that you’d enjoy following her around more than anyone on Twitter.