Escort Service and discretion

All escort ladies from Xclusive Escort Hamburg are contractually bound to secrecy. For many women the desire for discretion goes so far that they do not want to show their face on the set card. These ladies from Xclusive Escort Hamburg can move in public without any danger of damaging their reputation/negative behaviour.
As soon as you visit our website our escort service and discretion begins. That means when you visit our website our confidentiality and data protection begins. Our escort agency xclusive escort hamburg neither monitor your personaly data nor create a motion profile when you look at our website. You can feel free looking at our website without feeling that your behaviour/movements will be monitored at any time and information permanently stored, used or even disclosed to third parties. Xclusive Escort Hamburg meets all the criteria of the website network “We do not save!” and has been granted the seal of approval.
The agency uses web server and mail server servers that are accessible only by xclusive agency management. Furthermore, all of our used hardware tryed be protected against any manipulation and unauthorized access.
Reservations and applications via the relevant online form will be sent using SSL encryption with Extended Validation, as in the case of online banking. No one can read along during the transmission of sensitive data. Our provider does not store telecommunication data for outgoing calls, SMS or other data services. No itemized statement for mobiles or landlines is included in our invoices, this way your privacy is best protected.
All information required for processing a request / date will be deleted, at the latest, immediately after coming to an agreement on a date. Compliance with our own policies for confidentiality and privacy will be monitored by an independent data protection officer.