Looking for ‘The Girlfriend Experience’?

The illusive girlfriend experience is something a lot of us guys look for in an escort girl. That’s because we are looking for a genuine connection with another human being. Of course it’s possible to get everything you want from a girl without making a connection but for me it works much better if I feel that there is a natural response to my touch. It’s a bit like playing golf…it’s perfectly possible to play a round of golf on your own but it’s infinitely better if you’ve got a partner to play with, it just enhances the whole experience.
So we all go on looking for the special girls who offer the genuine girlfriend experience. Some are great at faking it, for me that’s a close second best as long as I can convince myself that she’s enjoying it then I’ll settle for that. The only thing is that when she’s gone or you are on the train going home and you’re recapping events, you’ll work out that it wasn’t real and that maybe just takes the edge of it all. What I want is a date where she actually enjoys herself in and out of the bedroom.
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