Escort service variations: I give you Spanish …

Certainly you will already have come across the different forms and variety of “country codes” for sexual contact. Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg wants to take this opportunity to introduce you the countries we offer. Not that we have misunderstanding when you are booking one of our charming escort ladies.

German: The classic sex positions. She lies on her back and you on top – also known as the missionary position. In Europe and North America is the most popular position at all. Because it is easy and convenient, but do you only want it simple and convenient? There are many other variations to discover with Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg.

French: The French version is oral pleasure. That is probably the well-known. French is of course used as a synonymous for the stimulation with the mouth, lips and tongue. In fellatio, also known as Blowjob, the penis will be pleasured with the mouth. Many of our charming escort ladies also offer this service “natural” – ie without protection. Cunnilingus is when you desire to pleasure your escort with your tongue. Is often practiced the famous 69 position. Man and escort satisfy simultaneously.

English: Blindfolds, a slight slap in the ass, maybe even with rope and handcuffs: For you who liked it like the rougher tour, English sex is highly recommended. However, it is not about pain but about the sexual stimulation using sadistic or masochistic characters – and therefore only so far as you and your escort lady are ready to go. By Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg this variant is called “Fetish Escort“. Some of our escort ladies are very fond of these games.

Italian: One of the more crazy sexual practices is the Italian way and has nothing to do with bodily orifices and can still be very exciting. How does Italian works? A Short Guide: The man pushes his penis in the armpit of the escort lady, she can increase the pressure her arm. What position you are in during the process is completely unimportant. However, be advised to use a lubricant. Then nothing should stand in the why of an orgasm à l’Italia. A somewhat exceptional escort service, but why not.

Spanish: Mammary intercourse is Spanish. That’s right, the so called titty fucking. An ectremely relaxing and enjoyable alternative for your escort lady . A sexual act performed when you place your penis between the breasts of escort lady, and using the hole between the breasts, thrusts your penis back and forth until climax and ejaculation. The resulting semen that often lands on the chest, neck and chin of the female is often referred to as a pearl necklace. Spanish with blow job at climax. Kindly clarify in advance with xclusive escort agency Hamburg if your book escort lady offers Spanish with blow job at climax.

Greek: The ancient Greeks are known for their distinctive sexuality. The ancient Athenians invented the term Greek – which stands for anal intercourse. Because the so-called pederasty was accepted then and practiced socially – that’s why the name Greek. Sooner Greek became a taboo. Today, however it is becoming more naturally. Anal intercourse is now a common practice and many escorts offer this variation.

Swedish: Swedish way of sex comes in two variations: either mutual masturbation, that is, satisfaction with hand or a sex toy. Our escort ladies offer these escort services with the aid of sex toys. Also as a prelude to other variety of sex.

The second option, and in our opinion not the best, is the fast way. The escort lady performs an old fashion hand job until you climax.

Russian: The Russian act has two ways to climax – firstly it refers to the massage the sexual regions with oil. Secondly, the so-called leg intercourse. Where you rub your penis between your escort lady’s thighs. Your escort lady will certainly have oil ready at your request.

Thai massages, touches and the sex act are often closely linked. In the Thai sexual practice they even become one. Because the massage not only with the hands, but your escort will use all her body parts to massage you. Perhaps the traditional tantric massage is right for you?

Whatever your desire is, Xlusive, your escort agency Hamburg will fulfill your them. Please have no false modesty to tell us your desires so we can assist you in selecting the appropriate escort for you. Our goal is full satisfaction of our customers. Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg provides extraordinary experiences with exceptional escort ladies. Our team in Hamburg looks forward to your contact.