The Mors of an Hamburg Escort Service Lady

You might ask yourself what is Xclusive Escort Service Agency exactly speaking about when talking about “Mors”. In Platt German “Mors” is the word for “Po” or as we also call this beautiful body part “ass”.
And look not only the Hamburg Gentlemen, or “kieken” as we say in Hamburg, like to look at the Po of our charming Escort Ladys.

The Fascination of Mors

What makes the female ass, Escort or not, so exciting for a man? First of all, since ancient times the ass was the criterion for evaluating the Beauty of a Woman as well as Man. Always a shapely female ass was a symbol of Fertility and Health. And in fact researchers have found that pronounced fat on the buttocks can protect against cardiovascular disease.

In addition, the Gentleman can but completely unobserved by the opposite risk also Escort Lady a look, because it is standing or walking behind the others.

Many Men judge Women by the appearance of her buttocks just like it is the case with the breasts. Women with a small ass are often classified as unwilling and intelligent while women with a bulkier ass Men find more sexual passionated. However, we cannot confirm this theory at Xclusive Escort Hamburg. We can certainly confirm that our Escort Service Ladys who have a less conspicuous ass are no less passionate than others. Many Gentlemen have written us, believe us.

Another not unimportant point is of course the Ideas and sexual Fantasies of the Gentleman, so the question is what one can do with the butt of sexy-looking Escort Service Lady during Sex. To caress the Mors, kissing and caressing with tongue is very popular. And the good old anal sex is also a very beloved activity by our Escort Ladys. It’s not for nothing that Sex from behind is one of the most popular sexual Fantasies among Men as also for the Ladys from Xclusive Escort Hamburg.

Most Gentleman finds a round and firm ass of a Woman very attractive. The beauty of a firm round ass of an Escort Lady will be even further emphasize in high-heeled shoes. Not only her legs will look longer, but it will also make her hip movement much more striking and makes the Mors to an eye-catcher.

Curious for more? Take a look in our Galleries of exciting Escort Ladys. We promise you will find a ass, which is worth to kiss.

Tips for the Summer in Hamburg

Nakted Escort Hamburg Lady in water

Moin moin from Hamburg. Today we would like to give some tips for the Summer month of August. Many of our customers not only ask us which of our charming Escort Ladys will be the best match for them. They also inquire about the best way to spend a nice time together.

Therefore we would like to give you a brief overview of possible pleasure trips which Xclusive Hamburg Escort Service can highly recommend to enjoy with our Escort Ladies.

Browse, dance and enjoy with style, you can at the Hamburg Uhlenfest. This will take place from 15th till 16th August at the Hofweg and Papenhuder weg. In addition to a variety of music, you will find plenty of dining, arts and cultural offerings. Our Escort Service Ladies from Hamburg will be happy to show you around in their home town.

Also traditional and “legendary” is the “Hamburg Jedermann” which is still showning to 23 August in Hamburg’s warehouse district. A complex portrait of the Hamburg society sets the traditional mystery play in the contemporary relevance: it comes to fathom where the identity of today’s cities is and what defines her soul.
Visitors from all over come to the summer spectacle that has its origin when the evening sun sets behind the light green roofs of the old merchant city. Enjoy together with our passionate Escort Service Ladies of Xclusive Escort Hamburg the soul of the old city. An Italianate atmosphere lies down over the venue, growing shadows raise up on the opposite setting, the magic of the theater attracts people with fascination.

Or it may be just romantic nights at Hagenbeck Zoo? On 15th, 22nd and 29th August 2015 you can with a charming Escort Lady experience the Hagenbeck Zoo in many ways: Chanson, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, Musical, Film Music and Big Band Sound – a romantic night that is for every bodies taste. Even literature fans will at Poetry Slam be able to enjoy a fabulous reading. Ensembles and soloists accompany the guests in front of the impressive Arctic backdrop and much more.

We can assist you in organizing your unforgettable evening and look forward to your contact. We offer a comprehensive escort service that inspires to more.

Xclusive Escort Service: Tips in Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg – Enjoy a warm summer evening in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe together with an exciting Escort Lady from Xclusive Escorts Hamburg.

Are you planning a trip to Hamburg end of August, or doing business in our exciting city and want to spend your free time in an exclusive company?

Then you have already taken a major step forward by visiting our website. We are pleased to recommend a few events in and around Hamburg which are worthwhile visiting.

White Dinner in Hamburg

A very elegant and stimulating way to spend a summer evening in Hamburg. On August 29th 2015 you will find the annual “White Dinner” held in the districts of Harburg, Ottensen and Winterhude.

Along with a charming Escort Service Lady from Hamburg you can enjoy a unforgettable evening. A binding reservation with deposit is a must no later than 3 days in advance. The Team of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg will arrange the evening for you, book a table, beautiful accessories and an exclusive picnic basket.

For further information and to book reservations, please contact our team of Xcluisve Escort Service Hamburg. We and our charming Escort Ladys are looking forward to you.

Xclusive Escort Event Tip

Weekend together with Escort Hamburg

Our team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf has made it is mission to arrange special experiences. Both our customers and our exclusive Escort Service Ladys want to spend their spare time in style and sensual. The Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf will assist you and gives the charming gentlemen a wonderful time with one of our sexy Escort Ladys.

Castle night of lust and more

You can enjoy your time with an Escort Lady in various ways. But you can make this very special and exciting by visiting a particular place with erotic and elegant ambience. The Milkersdorf castle, about 1 hour drive from Berlin, has this ambience. Join together with one of our Escort Ladys from Dusseldorf, Escorts from Hamburg or other lovely Ladys of Xclusive Escorts for an intoxicating night.

This event is a colorful mix of entertainment options.
Enjoy yourself with delicious dishes and fine wines. Get to know interesting people while sitting the fire. There is bar atmosphere and of course a sparkling erotic atmosphere. Pleasant background music provides the introduction for a hot night.

Clothed Female Naked Male

Another exciting event you can experience together with one of the charming Ladys of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf is the event “Clothe Naked Male Female”. An erotic and exclusive night provides the “exhibitionist Escort Lady” in the center and the voyeuristic Gentleman an ideal setting for a hot night together. Elegantly dressed men in dark suits and tuxedo stroll through the rooms, surrounded by women whose nudity fills the air erotic. Wearing only a mask dragging mysterious attention to herself and the excitement in the castle is literally felt at every turn.

CMNF stands for “Clothed Male, Female Naked” This special variety is for the gentleman who value the naked female body.
Kindly note that such exclusive and charming events are quickly fully booked. Early booking is advisable for our charming Escort Ladys who will love to join you. For further information please contact our Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf and we are happy to assist arranging your erotic adventure.

Golf Event with an xclusive Companion

Mit Escort Hamburg auf 18 Loch

Our colleagues from Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf want to recommend a nice Erotic Event, the Eroluna Gulf Cup Internation (ECGI). Our Ladies of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf, Hamburg Escort Service and our charming Escort Ladys from all over Germany would be delighted to accompany you at this event.

Golfing and eroticism

You have always wanted to play with the little golf balls, but had no incentive to learn this beautiful sport? Here our Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf has a lovely idea for you. Travel together with an Escort Lady of your choice to Eroluna Golf Event .

From 18th to 23th August there is an erotic golf tournament for beginners and advanced in Spreewald. This extraordinary event sporting passion are combined with the erotic. Should you still not have any handicap this can be improved there.

For more information about the Event, our Team of Xclusive Escort Dusseldorf is at your disposal. We can also advise which of our Escort Ladys already have experience playing well with the small balls.

We look forward to your contact.