Spanish eroticism in the Escort Service

Beautiful Decollete of an Escort Hamburg Lady

There are so many beautiful sex variants. Be it the pleasure of a shared erotic bath together, whether an erotic role-play or an exciting bondage game. All are variants you can experience with our Escort Ladies from Escort Hamburg, Dusseldorf Escort, Escort Frankfurt or our charming Ladys from the other Cities in Germany. But what about Spanish erotic, the Sex variant where you climax between the breasts of our exciting Escort Ladys.

Again and again we are being asked by our customers does our Escort Ladys offer this service and often a bit of insecurity is in this question. It does not have to be, after all, it is all about a beautiful and exciting time together and this is what Erotic Escort Service is all about. And many customers of Xclusive Escort Hamburg wonder whether the Escort Ladys have fun and pleasure in the heat of the moment – you will not be in doubt when trying.

Opinions Differs Among Escort Regarding Spanish
The opinions of many Escorts are downright divided into three camps. Some does not like it, the others offer just as Erotic Escort Services and the third party find it incredibly stimulating if you can put your manhood between her breasts until you climax. But we come back to the insecurity of our customers and the reasons why Spanish is so much in demand.

The place between the Breasts of a Woman is first and foremost a less erogenous zone, so the Spanish erotic should trigger as such not much with a Woman. However, it turns our Ladys from the Escort Hamburg on a lot to see when you moves between breasts. Another of our sexy Escort Ladies also shared with us that she finds the Spanish eroticism so exciting because she has a particular fondness for sperm. Not to mention that some of our Escort Ladys like to combine the Spanish erotic with oral, Spanish and French at the same time. Spanish erotic is also very suitable for an erotic foreplay.

Kindly contact our Team of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg. We will be pleased advise you which of our charming Escort Ladys have particular preferences.

We look forward to your contact.

Toys in the Escort Service

Toys like handcuffs for Escort Hamburg Ladies

Erotic moments are of course often part of the Escort Service. Our Ladys from Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg love to use different toys as a tool to enrich the act of lovemaking. It does not always have to be the same usual sex, for example vibrators is a preferred toy use by our sensual Escort Ladys from Xclusive Escort Hamburg. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary erotic games, then please ask the team of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg, Escort Dusseldorf, Escort Bremen or other cities, whether the Lady of your choice can bring handcuffs, blindfold or perhaps a strap-on. Our Escort Ladys are not only charming, attractive and educated, but also very resourceful when it comes to erotic stimulation of their partner.

Blindfolds or restraints are a practice for many a special attraction, as well as many of our Escort Ladys. When the Escort Lady or is yourself tied up and helpless and are ready to experience an intense feelings of mental and physical stimulation. You should always look out for your partner when playing games with toys. How far can you go without lust turns into discomfort. Bind the blindfold not too tight, unless it is agreed otherwise, so that you or your Escort Service Lady still see a little. Use soft restraints, such as a tie or a cloth belt from a bathrobe, unless you both prefer the harder variant and want to use leather restraints or handcuffs. Perhaps you would prefer to start your date with the Escort Service Lady of your choice together in an erotic shop. Together you can find your special toys so you your secret Lady can explore a sensual game play game together or you can watch her toying with herself till she climax. There is so many choices. From high-tech vibrators with double function for vaginal and anal stimulation, high-tech vibrators with remote control to the vibrators which are waterproof and can be used in the shower. Of course, our sexy Escort Ladys of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg also treat you with one of these vibrators. So it’s up to you, in a city of your choice and with an Escort Lady of Xclusive to experience beautiful moments.

We look forward to your contact.

Lingerie – A touch of nothing

Erotic lingerie is sexy, seductive and sometimes even a little playful. Lingerie are an absolute must, because in them feels every woman attractive and sought after and the Ladys of Xclusive Escort Agency are no exception. And let’s face it, what man would not want to see in a hint of the treats on a sensual dressed woman? Particularly appealing could be a walk together and you can see the garter on the nylons …

Xclusive, your Escort Service Hamburg would not leave you in the dark and tell you about the creation and development of today’s lingerie. The first known bra in history wore the beautiful Greek women, a hand wide band of cloth or leather which should bring the breasts to its best advantage. The Roman women, however, were the first Ladys who wore a first version of today’s slips. For this purpose, a material has been (similar to a cloth diaper) to cover between the Po and Genitalien. Not beautiful, but at that time it certainly did the job. This was followed by the Renaissance, the time for the corset and bodice, only in the ’60s underwear as we know today found its way into women’s clothing, she is now finally able to free from the whalebone corset. In the late 19th century it was only socially acceptable and became the symbol of eroticism.

We assure you that the Escort Ladys of Xclusive Escort Hamburg have a fascinating selection of lingerie. Whether you desire girlish romantic, sensual seductive or even a soft spot for PVC, leather and latex.
With a lady of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg all wishes will come true.

Our team is pleased to advise you and will assist you in choosing the perfect accompaniment for you. We look forward to your contact.

Outdoor-Erotic in Escort Service

As soon as the first rays of sunshine are noticeable on the skin, the hormones increase considerably. There is no need to hide in the Hotel Room. Go Outdoor and enjoy the Summer, the Sun and the eroticism which your magical accompaniment of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg. Many of our Escort Ladys are not averse to a sensual outdoor encounters and enjoy the outdoor games instead of always in closed premises.

Arrange your appointment in one of Hamburg’s most beautiful bars in the open air. Your enchanting accompaniment will meet you in a light and airy summer dress. Only you know that this dream girl is totally naked under her dress. Enjoy this little secret together with a nice glass of champagne. Maybe your Escort Service Lady will grant you a short – only for your eyes – look at her private parts, which makes them even more desirable for later togetherness.

There are many ways to have Outdoor fun with your accompaniment of Xclusive Escort. You might have Fun at the balcony of your suite, or the underground car park? Still for the very bold the possibility of a public locker room or washroom could be an idea. Maybe even the hotel elevator? No matter what you decide, thrills and lots of fun is always at Xclusive Escort Service.

Do not be afraid to tell us your desires so we can arrange an unforgettable Escort Service experience in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Berlin or another city. Our Escort Ladys are always willing to travel to you. The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg are of course also pleased to assist you with the selection of a matching Escort for you.

Xclusive Escort: Squirting – something for every woman?

Nakted Escort Hamburg Lady in water

Squirting is the technical term for the female ejaculation. From a medical perspective every woman should be able to squirt. The reality is often different, for it is more than art to trigger this reaction in a woman. On top of that many women feel uncomfortable, because they are afraid of their partner would be embarrassed. This might cause that the woman suppresses her orgasm. This really does not have to be that way.

Xclusive, your Escort Service Hamburg wants to bring the myth Squirting a little closer. Aristotle already described in 300 BC. the emerging of liquid as a liquid discharge that contained no seed. The Greek physician Galen in the second century describes the female Skene’s gland, which is connected with the female effusion.

Since then, speaks of the “Aqualusio” or “Aqlusio”, derived from the Latin words for water and end. A more detailed description was made in 17th century by Dutchman Regnier de Graaf whom described the fluid and also drew attention to a particularly sensitive zone on the female body. The name G-spot we owe to the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who has discovered and described female ejaculation and referred to an erogenous zone in the vagina that he linked with the male prostate.

But is squirting normal or exception? The proportion of women who ejaculate during an orgasm varies from study to study. We assume that the number of unreported cases is not insignificant because many still confuse ejaculate with urine. Proven fact there is only a very small portion of urine and the characteristics of the male prostate secretion of the man very similar.

The ability to squirting should also be substantially dependent on the position during intercourse. In the missionary position sufficient stimulation the G-spot is not possible, but it would be possible in the cowgirl position or a tergo (from behind).

However, you should not try female ejaculation using certain techniques only to want to trigger a ejaculation. Take it as an big present from the Lady. The most important requirement is the relaxation of the woman. Only if she feels good and can completely let go and she ready to indulge you. You have created a wonderful atmosphere.

You might want to discuss this issue with an Escort Companion of your choice? The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is at your advice. Do not be afraid to contact us. We, as well as our lovely Escort Ladys look forward hearing from you.