Join Xclusive Escort for Octoberfest

In a few days the 182nd Oktoberfest starts at the Theresienwiese in Munich. From 19th September to 4th October 2015, the Fairground is transformed back into a large Amusement Mile.

Munich is always worth a visit, in combination with the largest Folk Festival it’s a real High-Light and perfectly accompanied with a charming Lady of Xclusive Escort Hamburg it will be exceptional. Our lovely Hamburger Girls will be pleased to accompany you on the Wiesn and of course dressed in Dirndl.
The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg would like to introduce three of the 14 pavilions which we warmly can recommend and hope you will visit together with our Escort Ladys.


The slogan says it all, Hacker-Pavilion: surrounded by clouds and stars and with a cool bier in hand, it will feels like heaven in Bayern. And together with a charming companion from our Escort Service it will quickly turn into Heaven on Earth.
The picturesque Hacker Pavilion was embellished in 2004 by Oscar-winning Rolf Zehetbauer it received a new interior – a new bandstand and a new Heaven, so that one really feels heavenly in “Heaven of Bavaria”. Beyond picturesque and traditionally, each cozy Bayer and anyone who wants to feel the Atmosphere at Octoberfest.

Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke

No longer a Secret: It is giving that the celebrities from around the world and especially in Munichare coming to Käfer’s Wiesn-Schänke.
No wonder, since Michael Käfer’s Munich Celebrity host has shaped it slightly smaller compared with other pavilions but still a charming Hotspot on the Wiesn. Swaying in the Arms with your special Lady from Escort Service Hamburg and let yourself enjoy the fantastic cuisine.
Quite clear this is the place for Gourmet Lovers. You should not miss out on the tasty Käfer’s duck and venison you should not miss.

Marstall Pavilion

The Marstall Pavilion is hosted by the Able Family and was the big new addition at the Oktoberfest 2014.
Since 1982 the Able Family run a Gastronomy and a numerous of Businesses in Munich they made a Name for themselves with Kalbs Kuchl at the Oktoberfest.
Marstall is referred to the prestigious riding School of the Munich which was created by Leo Klenze in 1822.
The Horse theme is use throughout in the Pavilion as decoration. A Horse-Trailer above the entrance, carved wooden Horses and a Musical Splendor stage that resembles a Carousel.
Certainly worth a visit. Enjoy your charming companion from the Escort Service Hamburg in this very special atmosphere and let yourself drift away …

Our Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is happy to assist in the Organization, as also the selection of the appropriate accompanied for you. Book an Escort Lady and spend hours in a unique accompaniment. We look forward to your contact.

New Trend Pegging also in Escort Service

Escort Hamburg bietet heiße Erotik

Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg would to introduce Pegging to you. Pegging the English expressions that is defined as a Woman using a strap-on on her Male Partner for anal play. This not a homosexual phenomenon, Heterosexual Men also want this type of sexual experiences. The name came from a poll conducted by Dan Savage a few years ago—a reader wrote in asking for a word to describe this then unnamed sexual practice, and pegging was the winning selection. And it is obviously an extensive and exciting trend, as here at Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg we frequent receive request from Gentlemen if our Escort Service Ladys offer pegging.

What is the Fun for the Man?

Women have G-spots and Men have P-spots—specifically, the area inside the rectum that allows the prostate gland to be stimulated. While not all men enjoy prostate stimulation, the ones that do receive tremendous pleasure from anal stimulation. And, of course, for some Men there’s also the psychological aspect of submitting/being penetrated that gives them pleasure.

What’s Fun about it for the Woman?

Obviously, different Women enjoy strap-on play for different reasons, but some benefits include the feeling of power/domination that comes with being the penetrating Partner, joy at being able to give one’s Partner anal pleasure, a naughty thrill at the role reversal/dirty factor of engaging in anal play. Some Women also experience physical stimulation/pleasure from the act itself—particularly if they’re using a double-ended dildo where both you and your Escort Service Lady are being penetrated.

We, Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg are pleased that prejudices with anal-play for Men are coming to an end. Interested in expanding on the larger psychological/emotional/cultural aspects of a Woman being the penetrator instead of being the penetrated?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg, we will assist you in arranging your Perfect Date with one of our beautiful Escort Ladys.

Escort Service Ladys in Latex

Clothing made of rubber: For many of our clients of Xclusive Escorts Hamburg want to see their Escort Service Lady dressed in exciting clothing of their choice.
Reason enough that the Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg will investigate this topic more deeply and give insight to the passion for sexy and exciting clothing of our Escort Service Lady.

Interview with Laura at Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg

Many people associate clothing made of Leather and Latex rather with the gay scene or the sadomasochism and find Rubber clothing a style that does not fit. Other people get turned on by clothes made of Rubber, PVC and Leather and will not miss it under any circumstances, and wear it not only for Sex but also in normal daily life.

Some of the Ladys of Xclusive Escort Hamburg have informed our Team that they special preference for Rubber and Latex clothing. We have taken the opportunity to interview our Escort Lady, Laura.
At the Interview our exciting Escort Service Lady appeared in a black Rrubber skirt, white Blouse and vertiginous High Heels. A stunning sight.

Xclusive Escort Hamburg Team: “Laura, what exactly do you like about clothes made of rubber?”
Escort Lady Laura: “Somehow I have always been captivated by this material. Even as a youth, I have found Latex clothes stimulating. But then I still living by my parents and they have forbidden me wearing such clothing.
Later, now where I lived alone, I am able to live out my passion rubber clothing. ”

Xclusive Escorts Hamburg Team: “What types of clothing do you have in your wardrobe?”
Escort Lady Laura: “Oh, I’ve gotten a wide range besides boots and tops, I also have a whole range of lingerie made of rubber.
However, my favorite pieces are made of Latex and Latex Skirts Bodies. Both in varied colorations. So I have a bright red and ultra-skin-tight bodysuit with extremely large cutout in which my neckline really comes good into play or the bright red evening dress made of Latex. Also a black Body Suit made of Rubber, I absolutely had to buy that. This underlines my Figure as I find it particularly shapely and sexy. I like to wear this during Fetish Sex Games and a Rubber Mask.

Xclusive Escorts Hamburg Team: How does it feels to wear clothes made of rubber? Is not it uncomfortable and too sweaty? ”
Escort Lady Laura: “Sweaty, of course you do have it, but that’s part of the appeal and can be very stimulating. It’s just a totally electrifying feeling to feel the Rubber directly on bare Skin. That alone makes me turned on and then I need passionate Sex. The narrower the Rubber garments are the more stimulating I find it.
Also I love to present myself in this skin-tight garments. When I go out I enjoy they hungry eyes of the Men and Women when they look at my Body up and down and it turns me on. I find there is no other way that emphasize the female proportions and can make a Woman’s Body look as good as Latex clothing.

Xclusive Escorts Hamburg Team: “Laura, we thank you for the very interesting insight and we now understand more what makes clothing made of rubber so sexy.”

Handcuffs – an addictive Escort Service Experience

Toys like handcuffs for Escort Hamburg Ladies

Today we will touch the subject of a literally addicting Escort Service experience, Handcuff Sex with an Escort Service Lady from Xclusive Escort Hamburg.

To have Sex with an Escort Service Lady and the use of Handcuffs will make it even more exciting and fulfilling of the dream by many customers of Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg.

The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is repeatedly asked which of our Escort Service Ladys that offer special Escort Service like the use of Handcuffs. It is not always about the Gentleman whom like to be tied up, but many of our Escort Service Ladys also get turned on when in Handcuffs. It is often associated with a dominant-submissive role playing game.

Handcuffs as an Escort Service

But how can one imagine such a sparkling and captivating Date with an Escort Service Lady of Xclusive Escort Hamburg? At the beginning of your lovemaking a clear command comes by our playful Escort Service Lady Vanessa, Alisa or Jasmin. Then, various bondage variations will be used. Your passionate Escort Service Lady can be tied to the bed or perhaps with Handcuffs with her hands on the back and our exciting Escort Lady from Escort Service Hamburg will be Face down and kneeling.
Then it depends on your other desires. Do you enjoy the tender seductive handling or do you prefer the tougher line and want more Sex Toys like Dildos, Whips, Strap on or other Toys to be used?

Perhaps you want to tied your Escort Service Lady of their choice of Xclusive Escort Hamburg and you pleasure her extensively orally? Or you can have 2 Escorts Service Ladys from Escort Agency and the two passionate Escort Service Ladies please each other in front of your eyes and you can only watch without being able to intervene as you are tied up?

Some of our customers also find jizz or pee games very exciting as the Escort Lady is submissive. Of course always with the Escort Service Lady’s consent. The Escort Service Lady can of course also tied you up and take extensively and passionately care about you. Whatever your desire.

Ask the Team at Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg. We like to assist you in fulfilling your desires and dreams and give you the perfect Escort Mistress.

Sucking on Fingers in Escort Service

Beautiful Ladys for Escort Hamburg

Today we want to tell you about a subconscious form of Eroticism, sucking and licking Fingers. It certainly belongs to the standard range of offers with each of our Escort Service Lady at Xclusive Escort Hamburg. We cannot remember when last a customer had explicitly asked hereafter, as opposed to Anal Intercourse, Oral Sex, Pee, Bondage Games, Diaper Eroticism or the opportunity to visit a Porn Cinema with us. These and thousands of other special erotic games such as a triple or Bi-sex are repeatedly requested as a special Escort Service by our customers at our Escort Service Agency. And we confirm such Escort Services are offered by our Hamburg Escorts.

Sucking on the Fingers on the other Hand is considered by many simply practiced as the passionate Kisses. Especially in the Area of these two variants Girlfriend erotic are perceived as particularly passionate.

Our Escort Service Ladys from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin or our other Cities alike tell us specifically, it belongs to the foreplay. Our passionate Escort Service Ladys will take one or more fingers in her mouth and suck it so passionately as when she gives Oral Sex or the excited Gentleman sucks on the charming Lady’s Fingers.

Sucking on Fingers ignites passion

But what makes it exciting that an Escort Service Lady sucks on the Fingers of her Date? As, the primary sex organs in this category are not at all involved.
In fact, many Men and Escorts feel sucking the Finger is a sort of smaller version of Blowjobs. All the Escorts Ladys of our Escort Service Agency like to see and fell the sexual excitement when she licks and sucks a Gentleman’s Finger. In addition, our Escort Ladys love the erotic tension that is being build up by inserting the Finger her Mouth.
For many of our charming Escort Ladys it also adds a romantic aspect. If an Escort Service Lady particularly likes a Date, then she enjoys it more intense and will pamper him after all the tricks, which includes the use of her Lips and her Tongue.

One reason why many Gentlemen like to get their Fingers licked by Escort Ladies of our Agency, is for many obvious. Many Gentlemen has association is awakened with the Oral Sex by sucking and licking Fingers. A fantastic foreplay with a passionate Escort Lady that will take you to Oral Sex.

It also makes many Gentleman of Xclusive Escort Agency Focus on their Lady companion when she opens her mouth and you push your fingers in, just how you want it. The Escort Service Lady indicates that she can take everything in her mouth from you. Which will increase the sexual pleasure further.

But there is another reason why Gentlemen like Women to suck and lick their Fingers. Fingertips are among the most sensitive parts of the Body. They are designed for the touch, therefore sensitive and also slightly ticklish and can thus contribute to sexual stimulation.
So comes to no surprise that the sucking and licking on the Fingers are very popular both with Men and Women.

Our Escort Service Ladys can on rare occasions refuse to lick and suck Fingers. These Occasions are after you or she have given anal pleasure. This is not recommended also from a hygienic and medical point of view. But she will lick and suck Fingers after vaginal stimulation.

It is a pleasure again and again when an Escort Service Lady sucking on a man’s Fingers. Although it does not come as an orgasm, but it’s still a nice variation on the Oral Sex that will follow thereafter as well as Vaginal or Anal Sex.

Have we piqued your interest in this somewhat unusual form of foreplay? Then the Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg is looking forward to your contact.