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Escort Hamburg bietet heiße Erotik

This spiritual method will enrich both the spirit and the soul and create extreme sensual pleasure. Kindly consult with the team at Xclusive Escort regarding your concerns of tantra massage as some of our escort ladies offer intense experience. The most important thing in tantric sex is to extend the stage of sexual arousal by persistent massaging.

The Tantra Massage takes special place among the sensual massages. In addition to a deep relaxation to the massaged it will also give the feeling of safety and security. A very special escort service which is offered by Xclusive Escort Hamburg.
The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and means to expand. In this case, especially the consciousness of the massaged to be expanded. Pure luxury for you, your body and your soul. You will relax very deeply, recharge your batteries and then feel absolutely at ease with your natural virility. You‘ll never forget!
Touched by another human being is an important prerequisite for health and balance. In the tantra massage the whole body is gently massaged and caressed.
In Tantra, sensuality and lust are the basis for more vitality and therefore also the genital area are massaged in this type of massage. Sex is one of the fundamental basic human needs. The construction of sexual tension leads to a special feeling of happiness. Let yourself go and enjoy this feeling of happiness in the hands of your escort lady. Maybe together with your partner or another escort. Even in a very special escort duo escort experience.

Two women at the same time massage and pamper your whole body. This is a very special kind of ritual! That means two times more fun, pleasure and sensuality. Also the intimate ritual is doubled and in this vein a very high energy level is created together with your ecort ladys.

Escort Service Role Play

Toys like handcuffs for Escort Hamburg Ladies

Adding fantasies in your sexual life can be more interesting than living a simple life. Sexual fantasy inhabits in one’s mind and it comes out by imagination and recollection of thoughts. What we see in daily life can prove a reason for an emerging fantasy. The people we meet, people we love to be with, influence us more for a taboo activity.

The fantasies includes activities such as having two women at once, taboo, dominatrix, feminization, adult baby, tie and tease and role play. There are many fantasies like mentioned above but they rarely come true. It is not possible in a normal sexual life. These imaginations can be only brought to reality by an escort agency. Escort agencies like Xclusive Escort Hamburg  provide different services that can be used to fulfil personal fantasies. Escort girls are well versed in doing all those things.
The high class escort agency Xclusive Escort in Hamburg  are available for these services like role play. People book escort girls for a sexual experience that they cannot get at home. You can ask these escorts to do a role play of any one like being a teacher, nurse, your mami or babysitter, school girl or anyone on your mind. For this kind of fantasies you just need a open minded escort girl and this kind of girls can only be an escort of Xclusive Escort Hamburg. Escort Service Role play can make you feel in heaven. You can do whatever your instincts tells you to do. You can make your imagination come true like being with two women (Duo Escorts), lovemaking with a dominatrix, bondage in master-slave role etc. And of course sex toys can add up spice in you play.
Xclusive Escort Hamburg ladies doing a role play can just please you in every way that you just thought in dreams. An Hamburg escort can fulfil every fantasy that your wife or girlfriend was unable to do. You can just be a bastard boss or rude husband and just stroke away all your pains into an escort girl. You should not worry about your fantasies now, you can just give a call to Xclusive Escort Hamburg and call them to your apartment or hotel  (Incall)  and enjoy your role play. We from Xclusive Escort Service Hamburg take care of your pleasure.

Looking for ‘The Girlfriend Experience’?

The illusive girlfriend experience is something a lot of us guys look for in an escort girl. That’s because we are looking for a genuine connection with another human being. Of course it’s possible to get everything you want from a girl without making a connection but for me it works much better if I feel that there is a natural response to my touch. It’s a bit like playing golf…it’s perfectly possible to play a round of golf on your own but it’s infinitely better if you’ve got a partner to play with, it just enhances the whole experience.
So we all go on looking for the special girls who offer the genuine girlfriend experience. Some are great at faking it, for me that’s a close second best as long as I can convince myself that she’s enjoying it then I’ll settle for that. The only thing is that when she’s gone or you are on the train going home and you’re recapping events, you’ll work out that it wasn’t real and that maybe just takes the edge of it all. What I want is a date where she actually enjoys herself in and out of the bedroom.
So when you are looking for a real girlfriend experience then get in contact with our Escort Agency Xclusive Escort Hamburg.