The Foot fetishism – The foot as an object of sexual desire

High Heels for Escort Hamburg Ladies

Xclusive, your escort service in Hamburg would like to inform you of an interesting sexual variation. Foot fetish: the technical term for this purpose is Podophilia, a pronounced sexual interest in feet and it is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts. Amazing that there is technical terms for everything.

Although the forms can be roughly divided, as there is in turn so many individual variations that it is virtually impossible to list them all. The focus can concentrate on specific areas of the foot such as toes, soles, or special details such as foot jewelry, on specific aspects such as texture or smell, but also on footwear like socks, stockings, tights or shoes. Many foot lovers appreciate taste and smell of the foot and can enjoy themselves for hours with the smell and texture of the foot.

Whatever makes your heart beat faster. Let me assure you that the Escort Ladys of Xclusive Escort Hamburg have enough nice shoes or high heels with matching stockings to satisfy your desires for feet. Many of our Escort Ladys also have classic “real” nylons, which sometimes carry an extra attraction.

For foot lovers there are a endless of varieties to indulge your passion. The Team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg can list some particularly stimulating here:

In Footjob it comes to fondling the male genitals with the bare foot. Just the idea of an attractive female foot with red polished nails to your genitals will make any foot lover shiver of excitement from the movement of the foot and the conscious playing. Imagine your Escort Lady crosses her legs and starts tapping, possibly until she loses the shoes. Now she strokes slowly and deliberately with her toes on her other leg, deliberately slowly takes the lost shoe back on … a real treat for fetishists.

A more unusual type describes the tickling. The tickling of the foot is on the verge to SM. From the gentle touch to the excess enhancing stimulation, anything is possible here. Maybe you like to test with your Escort Lady your boundaries between pleasure and pain?

In the SM scene the practices of crushing or the trampling, the deliberate destruction of objects with the foot, are very popular. When Trampling is done with the bare foot in stockings or even in high heels on your body.

Did you know that foot lovers even distinguish between three different types of feet?

The Egyptian type the big toe is the largest and the others fall steeply down.

The Roman type, the second and the third is about the same size of the big toe causing the foot shape looks a bit rounder.

The Greek type the second toe is longer, so that the toe seems overall a bit more pointed.

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Greek Erotic in Escort Service

The ancient Greeks are known for their distinctive sexuality. The ancient Athenians invented the term Greek – which stands for anal intercourse. Because the so-called pederasty was accepted then and practiced socially – that’s why the name Greek. Sooner Greek became a taboo. Today, however it is becoming more naturally. Anal intercourse is now a common practice and enjoyed by both parties. Many of our Escort Ladies offer this variation.

At Xclusive Escort Hamburg you can naturally also book Ladies for anal sex. The advantages of this Kind of eroticism are obvious. The anus is literally surrounded by nerves which strongly react to penetration and touch and creates one orgasm after the other. The stimulation by fingers or tongue is a treat for both you and of course our charming Escort Ladies.

You might want to try for the first time this beautiful sexual practice and desire an experienced Lady at your side? The Escort Ladies of Xclusive Escort Hamburg are certainly willing and pleased to overcome the one or other possible inhibitions you might have.

Even as the most experienced lover of Greek eroticism we recommend to inform our Team beforehand of this special request. In order for our Escort Ladies can prepare optimally for your request.

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Late-Night Escort Service

Beautiful Decollete of an Escort Hamburg Lady

Some of our escorts ladies of Xclusive escort service Hamburg also offer late night escort services in their home town.

After a long and stressful day with many tiring appointments enjoy the night in the arms of a beautiful woman and forget about all the stress of everyday life. Our Escort Ladies can visit at your hotel room and take care of all physical relaxation e.g. with an erotic massage. Start your rendezvous with a shower together and discover the physical attributes of your lovely playmate. Thereafter a massage will bring you closer together. Enjoy the erotic tension, tender hands and lips will spoil you … Our Escort Ladies can of course stay until the next morning. Wake-Up Service included 😉

Dates starting until 23:00 is in most cases not an obstacle. For short term bookings please note the opening times of Xclusive Escort Agency. Our Escort Hamburg Team as well as our Ladies are looking forward to your contact requests.

Escort Service Variant D: Threesome or MMF

Nowadays passionate threesome dates are no longer a rarity. The Escort Ladies of Xclusive Escort Hamburg are naturally available for threesome bookings. The constellation has two possible variants.

We increasingly receive inquiries and bookings from couples who want to experience something special together. When you and your girlfriend desire an extra playmate for erotic hours the team of Xclusive Escort Hamburg are of course here to advise you. Imagine the desire when your girlfriend is touched by the delicate hands of our escort ladies, while she being spoiled by you. Certainly a very extraordinary experience for both of you, even if you only want to play the role as the watcher of the loving game of ladies.

Another variation would be the possibility that you can be spoiled by two women. Many of our escort ladies offer Duo bookings. Dou bookings offer many facets. Most of our ladies are bisexual and love to play together also with help of of toys. You might want to play an active role with the ladies or perhaps only enjoy the show. Either way, the undivided attention of two beautiful women will bring a smile on your face for a long time.

Duo bookings are of course also possible in a four-constellation. Our escort ladies also enjoy date with two or more gentlemen for erotic hours. Your imagination has no limits.

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Escort Lady Vanessa

You like something out of the ordinary, something special. Perhaps you have a weakness for slightly submissive or dominate variations of sex? Then Vanessa is the right escort lady for you. Vanessa is a cheerful and easy companion to any occasion and she has the charm to introduce you into the world of the dark eroticism. Vanessa is looking forward to your contact requests.